Akon Electrical is your credible partner of choice for Electrical, Security, Automation & Control.

Company History

Akon Electrical was established in 2005 as a specialist service provide to the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) sector. The company employed specialist Electricians, trained in the art of Building Management Controls systems (BMS) and Electrical for Mechanical (E4M) wiring. This involved small and large scale wiring of Chillers, Fan Coil units, VAV boxes, Air Handlers, Pumps, Motors, Plant Rooms and more. It also included the wiring of the Control systems to enable these items of plant to operate autonomously through the BMS.

As the demand for our services grew over the years, Akon Electrical was contracted in the South Pacific and carried out various international projects in Fiji, Tonga and Samoa.

After a period overseas, the company expanded it's operation and established a larger office in Auckland with a satellite branch in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Through this time, the company carried out 15million dollars in Electrical wiring in the Commercial sector for HVAC and BMS Controls across NZ and the South Pacific. 2008 brought on the GFC and in 2009 the construction sector changed and as did our business model. Akon decided to focus it's offering in Auckland, and with the last of our Hamilton & International Projects finishing up by 2014, the satellite branches were closed and our Electrical Services to the market were expanded and concentrated in Auckland.

With technology and the Internet of Things really moving the way in which Buildings could benefit, Akon Electrical developed it's core business skill-set into a broader business model which involved true Turn-Key solutions;


Traditionally, Developers and Builders alike engaged with multiple electrical trades to carry out various aspects of an installation. The "Main Electrical Contractor" was responsible for Power & Lighting installation, the "Security Contractor" was responsible for the Security and CCTV installations, the "E4M" Contractor responsible for the Electrical for Mechanical installation, and the "A/V contractor" responsible for the Audio Visual installation and so on.

While this sounded like a good model at the time, the reality is that the Electrical trade was split up in to much smaller segments and sub-trade contracts spread out to a variety of businesses - the coordination and end result for functionality was often a mess.

Our approach shifted into Turn Key solutions. We saw benefit for our clients to have one simple easy to use touchscreen, linked group of Smart Keypads and even total building control via intuitive graphics which could be accessed from any Internet Connection, enabling the client to;


View CCTV cameras, Turn on a lighting scene, ramp up the Air Conditioning or even play a movie in the cinema.


The benefit of Akon offering the resources and technical knowhow to deploy this technology within Buildings was soon realised by our clients.

With an in-house Engineering and design CAD team, Akon is able to produce electrical Schematics and layouts for complete building integrated control. Whether it be for High-end residential homes, Apartment complexes, or large scale International Convention Centre, the team at Akon have the experience and team you can trust.