Akon Electrical is your credible partner of choice for Electrical, Security, Automation & Control.

Introducing AKON Electrical


From small beginnings, AKON Electrical has spent the last 15 years building its knowledge, capacity and scope of delivery in the Auckland region. Our longevity and growth is based around a rare combination of specialist expertise and a can-do customer focused approach to deliver the optimum outcome on every project.

With a team of over 20 fulltime staff, we have the capabilities and expertise to deliver on large, medium and small projects.

Why working with us is beneficial for you


We know that high quality technical expertise and outstanding customer service don’t always go hand in hand. In niche areas like Automated Electrical Power & Lighting, Electrical for Mechanical, Building Control and Automation - this combination is even harder to find.

At AKON Electrical, we believe we can set a whole new benchmark in our industry: quite simply, to standout as one of New Zealand’s premier electrical contractors.

– “We know companies come to us because they only want the best.”

Which doesn’t mean being good most of the time - but being exceptional on every project. So we apply our specialist skill set and expertise with a service ethos that surpasses our clients’ expectations. And by going over and above in all aspects of our work, we achieve what we set out to do.



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Experience you can Trust

At Akon Electrical we have a rock-solid track record of over 15 years of delivering quality projects on time. Regardless of the job, our customers and partners know they can rely on us to do the job and do it well.

100% Commitment

We’re not a clock-in clock-out kind of company. We’re a company that does everything we have to, to get the job done on time. If that means staying on site till midnight..we’ll do it. If that means putting in an 80 hour week to keep on programme – we’ll do that too.
That’s what we call true commitment.

Our customers appreciate it and so do their clients.

We care about our People. Our People care about You.

At AKON Electrical we understand that great people are at the heart of every great business. So over the years we’ve fostered a culture that demands a high standard in everything we do – from our on-site workmanship, to our teamwork, to the way we deal with our valued customers and key suppliers. Along with these expectations comes a personal approach to managing staff – one that differs from the big contracting companies employing hundreds. The result is that AKON Electrical has a close-knit, hard working team whose priority is making sure every project is finished to the finest standard.

Electrical for Mechanical Specialists

AKON Electrical is one of only a few New Zealand companies which specialises in E4M.

In short, we are Electrical for Mechanical specialists. It’s what we live. It’s what we breathe. It’s what we enjoy. And it’s why we can be your trusted partner for any size project.

In House turnkey Services

The industry is demanding a 'one stop shop' Design & Construct resources.

Akon Electrical is one of only a few companies that has in-house Electrical Engineers and CAD Engineers in the same office that can render full Wiring Schematics and Panel Layouts without having to rely on ‘outsourced’ resources. This makes it easier for our Project Mangers to sit down with our Engineering team to produce quality working drawings that are coordinated with our Switchboards and Floor plans, resulting in a more efficient delivery method for our Projects.

Honesty & Integrity, Value for Money

AKON Electrical has a long well established client database which is constantly growing. We believe that our relationships are a combination of always acting in good faith while providing value for money. The majority of our growth is simply by word-of-mouth referral.

Honesty & Integrity

Honesty and integrity go hand-in-hand. We will always take ownership of our services from the start and right in to the future.

Long term relationships are key to our business.

We believe that an up front open communication style is best.

Value for Money

Racing to Zero to be 'busy' -

Racing to 'zero' to win work saw 5 major construction firms collapse in Auckland between 2017 and 2019. The end result saw a wide variety of unfinished Projects. Coincidentally, a raft of Electrical Contractors found themselves in trouble and could not finish their scope. The end result - the Clients lost.


We believe there needs to be a mutually beneficial understanding between parties that enables each side to reach their goals and outcome. The client must receive Value for Money while in turn our business renders its services profitably.

AKON Electrical provides Guaranteed workmanship delivered to the highest standard on every installation at an agreed price.